Advance praise for America's War on Sex

"I am honored to write a Foreword to this important book by my longtime colleague in the civil liberties movement, Dr. Marty Klein. By documenting the mounting assaults on our essential rights, it galvanizes readers. All of us who share the inspiring vision of Justices O'Connor, Kennedy, and Souter about "the heart of liberty" should be heartened by this book."

--Nadine Strossen
former President, ACLU


"Klein's careful work torpedoing the erotophobic war against sex had to be done, and he did it well."

--Journal of Sex Research


"With a compelling style and exhilarating pace, this is the most comprehensive treatment of this topic to date. Dr. Klein describes many, many disturbing censorship trends, and readers will be both enlightened and stirred to action."

--Larry Walters, Esq.
President, First Amendment Lawyers Association


"An edgy, provocative, and highly persuasive look at the rank hypocrisy and sheer dopiness that drives some to over-regulate our sexual choices. With a clinician’s attention to nuance and an advocate’s passion for understanding, Klein forces us to confront why any free nation would go to war with its most intimate impulses.”

--Rev. Barry Lynn
Executive Director,
Americans United For the Separation of Church & State


"Marty takes apart American sex panics with surgical precision, and delivers a sex-positive blueprint of what sane public health policy would look like."

--Susie Bright
Author, "Herotica" series


"Marty, I love the way you write! The section on how America deals with kids who are having sex is very powerful. You issue a wakeup call to all Americans who give a damn about their liberties. America's War on Sex is a must-read for all citizens."

--Bill Taverner
Co-editor, American Journal of Sexuality Education


"I really loved this well-documented and well-written book. Unintimidated by the Right, the author shows just how grave the incursions on our civil liberties have really been. For anyone with any affection for sexual privacy, sexual literacy, and sexual choices, this book is a must read."

--Dr. Pepper Schwartz
Past President, Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality


"Quite simply the best book yet written dealing with the collision between the adult industry, sex-positive activism and the religious right."

--Adult Video News


"This book shows exactly how sexual health and pleasure have been manipulated into political subjects. Marty's research and wit make for an entertaining, continually surprising page-turner."

--Dr. Betty Dodson
Author, "Sex For One"


"I enjoyed this book tremendously. America's War on Sex takes us right into the trenches of today's most controversial battlefronts. With ferocious passion, remarkable breadth and unwavering insight, Dr. Klein shows that when it comes to sexual politics, public policy must be taken personally."

--Dr. Ian Kerner
Author, "She Comes First"


"Marty Klein's book will stimulate you, provoke you, and challenge your understandings about sexuality in America. I didn't agree with all of it, but I enjoyed every minute reading it."

--Rev. Debra W. Haffner
Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing


"This is one of the most important and practical books on sex since the Sexual Revolution began. Dr. Klein challenges and debunks--literally demolishes--hundreds of unsupported claims regularly made by the religious right and fundamentalist politicians who preach a fear of adults who indulge in uninhibited sex and those who do not dread the moral decadence of our culture."

--Dr. Robert T. Francoeur
Editor, International Encyclopedia of Sexuality


"I spent most of last evening with your manuscript and learned a lot. You've done a splendid job of making your case. You should be proud of the work."

--Dr. Lillian Rubin
Author, "The Erotic Wars"


"The introductory chapter alone is brilliant."

--Dr. Edie Gelles
Senior Scholar, Stanford University
Institute for Research on Women & Gender


"Marty Klein shows exactly how abstinence-only sex education programs are dumbing down American kids. This great new book is a must read for everyone who cares about healthy sexuality."

--Sue Johanson
host of "Talk Sex with Sue Johanson"


"Marty Klein again shows himself to be a passionate advocate firmly grounded in fact. The book is fluent, comprehensive, well-documented, and scary, a persuasive exhortation. This is a book that all of us interested in enjoying our sexual freedoms should read!"

--Dr. Sandra R. Leiblum
Director, Center for Sexual & Relationship Health,
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School


"I love the tone, the scholarly approach, and the detailing of facts. What a powerful and amazing contribution this is--and how necessary."

--Dr. Patti Britton
American Assn. of Sex Educators, Counselors & Therapists


"The publication of this book is going to be a important event in America's political and cultural history. Because it will take a work of this clarity, passion and power to have any impact on the tide of malice and idiocy in which we are now drowning. Marty, you have done exactly what America needs, at exactly the right time, and with a talent that is absolutely extraordinary."

--Dr. Barnaby Barratt
American Assn. of Sex Educators, Counselors & Therapists


"An impressive piece of work. I like your ardent defense of common sense and reason, as opposed to hysteria and fear. It's a much-needed antidote to what you correctly note is a rising trend in sex-related hysteria."

--Dr. Tim Perper
Author, "Sex Signals: The Biology of Love"


"An illuminating and thought-provoking account, America's War on Sex is essential reading for people unaware of how dangerously our constitutional democracy--and those fighting to preserve it--are under assault."

--Dr. Judith Lynne Hanna
Senior Research Scholar, University of Maryland


"I have long been appreciative of the knowledge and work of Dr. Klein. He has done a remarkable job in presenting his views. This is a book that every thinking, voting citizen should read. This is not just about sex, it is about our freedom as American citizens to live our lives in our own way, not the way others, especially in government, seek to dictate for us."

--Dr. Robert McGinley
Chairman and President, The Lifestyles Organization


"A powerful, illuminating indictment of the cultural Right's obsessive efforts to destroy Americans' sexual liberties. Klein distills an enormous amount of research and recent history into a forcefully argued call to arms against sexual tyranny."

--Michael Castleman
Author, "Great Sex: A Man's Guide to the Secrets of Sensuality"


"Klein displays courage in these essays, confronting issues of sexual repression with compelling chapters."

--Dr. Judy Kuriansky
Professor of Clinical Psychology,
Columbia University Teacher's College





Abstinence programs prepare kids for what they won't experience: adolescence and young adulthood without sex. They're being systematically unprepared for what they will have: Sexual relationships and sexual decision-making.

--page 6









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